Campus navigation is difficult, especially for freshman. Students often can't find a class or connect with the right offices. On top of this, current map resources are inadequate and incomplete.


Map My Campus aims to help schools provide a better experience, increase involvement and engage the community. Our indoor positioning systems, used in conjunction with our mobile app is an integrated tool for students of any year to use throughout their day.





Two Marks

Due to the range of sizes and applications of the pin mark, 2 sizes were needed. One is optimized for working at sizes below 50px with its sturdier simplified forms and the other is meant for all sizes above 50px such as on splash screens.


Flexible Palette

With Map My Campus, one of the goals was to appeal to schools by maintaining their brand within the app. This was done through color, which meant it was imperative that the identity be structured in such a way to accommodate multiple color schemes. 



YouTube Ad

I illustrated and animated all the assets in this B2B promo. This motion graphic is aimed at colleges and universities. It goes over what we have to offer schools such as increased involvement of students, and increased visibility of merchandise via promotions and event notifications.


Android App



With recent developments in indoor positioning technology, there are multiple viable techniques for accurate positioning with a smartphone. Map My Campus leverages this technology along with data gathered on campus to offer a feature-rich mobile app. Students can map a path to class with step by step directions, find an appropriate parking lot, see upcoming on-campus events, locate resources, share their location, find dining hours, and much more.


Building Overview

Asset 3@3x.png

Explore Locations

Asset 2@3x.png

Indoor Mapping

Asset 1@3x.png

Connected Schedule


Gif2 noText_Skinny25fps.gif

Indoor Positioning

With new techniques, Map My Campus uses wifi to find your indoor location accurately. It knows what floor you're on, what room you're in, and even which direction you're facing


Pinpoint Accuracy

Relying on GPS to estimate where you are is a thing of the past. Map My Campus is extremely accurate, always estimating your location within a foot of where you are actually standing.



This is a prototype built with InVision hat shows the core functions of the app as well as how the branding adapts to the colors of the school selected. Included in this prototype are: onboarding, school search, building overview, visitor registration, explore menu, search & filter, and finally step by step directions.

Design System

Working on an app for Android meant being aware of system conventions and Google's Material Design whose principles have been applied throughout the app. As for the system the Android system buttons are functional in the prototype allowing users to navigate back a step or go to the home menu.

image from Google Material Design (

image from Google Material Design (

User Testing

After creating the prototype I did some user testing to assess potential UX issues within the app. This led to a couple iterations of the main toolbar and a revision to the school search button. Additional written responses added context to the data shown here, and helped to determine if users were struggling with the design or with the prototype.

Asset 3.png
Asset 2.png
Asset 1.png



This is an early prototype built in Flinto from some rough wireframes. Primary concerns were ways of navigating the map (tab bar and search shown here). The initial idea of filtering what was shown on the map carried over to the final version, but due to the complexity and classification of locations, the tab bar was traded in for a hamburger menu. 

Another priority was flow. After getting onboard, users would pick their school and get dropped into the map. From here users could then filter visually,  leave the map and enter a location search menu, or go back to search for another school.


Social Media


Instagram features our most visual content. Content on this platform is aimed mainly at students and features illustrations and patterns as well as featured campuses. Each image promotes a different function or use of the app and directs users to the Google Play Store where they can download the mobile app.
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Twitter acts as technical support. Users can ask questions about the app in general or using a certain feature. Additionally, Map My Campus promotes articles relevant to both college students and incoming college students.
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Facebook is the most descriptive platform for Map My Campus. It is a good way for faculty to learn more about the problem of campus navigation and what Map My Campus is doing to solve it. Facebook also directs viewers to Instagram and Twitter to learn more.
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