These are projects focused on information design or data visualization, but I often approach them as an interaction designer considering how they will be used on the web or as an app, and how users navigate the information.



Traffic Weather App

This is a weather app I designed and prototyped to show predicted travel delays based on weather conditions. The app uses your location and calculates delays based on a 10 mile radius. One of the core challenges was to communicate the information and data points without any text. Users can scrub through an entire 24 hours to see predicted delays or the 5 factors influencing that number. They can also scroll down for a 3-day view with a condensed indicator for the current day.



Campus Noise Utility App

After gathering data on my campus (St. John's University), I designed a noise utility app for people doing construction or other potentially disruptive and distracting loud activities. Some of the data I gathered included noise levels, number of people in a specific area, number  of people indoors versus outdoors, etc.

Data can be viewed at a glance when moving around the map or more detailed if clicked into. A visual radius is generated based on input parameters to determine how many people will be inconvenienced. From here the user can also get a condensed view of how many people would be affected throughout the day or week depending which tab is selected.