This project involved designing the packaging and the identity simultaneously, which offered a certain amount of freedom in adapting or adjusting one to the other. The product is a line of cleaning supplies from a fictional company, aimed at men years 18–28. Seeing as the majority of cleaning products are aimed at women, "Clean" hopes to stand out from the crowd by orienting its aesthetic to a more masculine sensibility. Girlfriends and mothers are the secondary target audience.




When researching similar products with a similar target audience, I made note of common design decisions between them. Most products targeting men used black or a dark grey of some sort, to add to the appearance of strength and masculinity. Additionally some products would use type to appear luxurious while others used it to get a more industrial tone, targeting those who work with their hands.




Based on my research, I came up with a list of words through free association and after sketching out some ideas narrowed it down to the four shown above. The third one was the most interesting because it offered the opportunity for an illustration as well as having a pattern that gave a sense of tactility. That was the concept the popped up in my word list the most, and I began to like it more and more: the idea of connecting the design to the sense of touch, texture, and surface without showing images of wood or concrete etc.




Having the patterns set, I began to develop the rest of the design and the identity. Starting with the illustration, I first tried it realistically, but it didn't fit well with the patterns and was competing for attention due to the density and thin lines. I then began simplifying and stylizing, thinking more along the lines of a graphic logo. The result of this was not overly complex and fit nicely on the packaging, offering a nice contrast to the pattern around it. As the for the patterns themselves, I have always enjoyed doodling repeating rhythmic patterns, and came up with two additional ones for a total of three different types of cleaning products offered.

In my sketch I envisioned a sophisticated serif for the word mark but after trying numerous scenarios of fonts and custom marks I decided on a sans. Due to the boldness of the illustration I needed something to match that tone. I ended up setting it in Montserrat Bold with adjusted spacing and kerning, making it feel clean but firm. On the back of my packaging supporting Montserrat is Avenir Next Condensed, another geometric face that is better for setting copy, plus the difference in width created more of a unique role for each typeface in the design.




I knew that I wanted the packaging to be mostly black and white or black and silver with a pop of color for differentiation. After looking at similar products, I thought this was most effective for the  target audience. To balance out the color on the bottom strip, I also thought it best to highlight the logo on top to balance out the design.