This packaging project is a lineup of fruit flavored power shakes offered by a fictional company: Ben's Best. This project necessitated research into what it takes for ingredients to be considered Fair Trade as well as an extensive look at the construction of tetrapaks.




Aside from looking into fair trade and tetrapak construction, I researched the competition to see what similar products were on the market to figure out how to make Ben's Best stand out. I had the option of designing a fruit smoothie, a fruit flavored thirst quencher (like gatorade), or a fruit flavored power shake (like protein shakes). After researching competition in all three of these areas, I decided to move forward with the power shake seeing as the addition of fruit flavors could market well as compared to offerings of chocolate or vanilla. I also noticed that a lot of the power shakes on the market use lighter colors as well as green or brown to show the flavor and the fact that the ingredients are natural. I wanted to try something different with my Ben's Best line of power shakes and really push the strong and fit aspect with a darker color scheme. I thought that colors for the flavors would stand out even more this way, grabbing attention on shelves and making shoppers curious.



Target Market

With power shakes in mind I decided that this line of products was for those who engage in an active lifestyle, are health conscious, and care about the ingredients they consume with regard to both their health and the environment. Not only are these people active, but they want a shake that they can depend on to replenish them after a long day or a tough workout. 




With an idea for my package design I moved forward with the identity. I wanted the type in Ben's Best to look friendly and natural while also being sturdy enough to pair with a bulkier logo aligned with "power" shakes. In the sketches above I went for the type third from the bottom on the right, since my other ideas were too organic and hand drawn that they might conflict with the type of logo I wanted. On the left, the middle and last rows represent the process of developing the logo with incremental changes: I started very organically and as I introduced more structure and weight to the form of the "B" I kept the influence of the previous sketches but much more subtly. Thinking of the final logo in terms of hand-lettering, the top left corner of the "B" is curved because it is all one stroke, but the bottom left has no rounded corner because that is the crossing of the beginning and end of the stroke, not a connection.

The final logotype is based on Bree Serif with some alterations and a B adapted from the typeface Convergance that has overshoots and appears to bulge. The result is a unque logotype that is much more than just typesetting. The colors below correspond to the combinations of flavors in Ben's Best power shakes and can all be used in marketing materials for the product. Lastly for typography I thought that Bree serif was the logical choice based on the logotype and could be used for details about the beverage. To choose a second typeface I focused on setting "POWER SHAKE" and seeing what gave the right amount of impact and firmness with some flowing elements. Filson Pro ended up being the perfect fit since it was a geometric sans with extra curves in just the right places like the leg of the "K" and "R." 




The main priority when designing the packaging was hierarchy, making sure that the logo was not lost and that the text for the flavor was not very overpowering. Rather than just naming the flavor and adding color, I thought showing the mixing of these flavors as if crashing into one another may add some dynamism to the package adding to the impact of "POWER SHAKE." This also helped to separate the information on the front of the package, offering nice little cells for the text to function within.